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From our easy-to-use Employee Retention Rate Calculator, to our insightful Unpackaged Priorities: Efficiency and Productivity Tool, these free resources are designed to simplify and empower your daily work.

Employee Retention Rate Calculator

Employee Retention Rate (ERR) measures the ability to retain employees. The ERR is a robust indicator of organizational health that can inform a wide range of business decisions and strategies.

Communicating this KPI effectively to your executive leaders can help justify your initiatives and help align them with broader organizational goals.

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A high Employee Retention Rate often signifies a healthy workplace environment, leading to reduced hiring costs and increased organizational knowledge. Conversely, a lower retention rate may indicate underlying issues such as employee dissatisfaction, resulting in higher turnover costs and potential reputational damage.

Unpackaged Priorities: Efficiency and Productivity Tool

Our free Unpackaged Priorities: Efficiency and Productivity Tool helps you streamline task management. Utilizing the Eisenhower Matrix, this tool assists in categorizing tasks by urgency and importance, enabling effective scheduling and delegation.

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